SZA concert toronto 2023 (Tickets, Date, Presale, Venue Layout)

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Event : SZA concert toronto 2023 Ticket Price, Date, Venue

Get ready Toronto, because one of the hottest names in R&B is coming to town!

SZA, the multi-talented singer and songwriter, will be performing live in concert on February 25th, 2023. With her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence, SZA is sure to put on a show you won’t want to miss.

Don’t miss your chance to see her perform hit songs such as “Love Galore”, “The Weekend”, and “All the Stars” live.

Get your tickets now! Checkout the complete Details here.

SZA concert toronto 2023 Date,Venue

SZA concert toronto 2023 Date,Venue
Event nameSZA – SOS Tour
Event typeMusic Event
ArtistSZA (Solána Imani Rowe)
Date25th February, 2023
VenueScotiabank Arena
40 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 2X2, Canada
LocationCheck here

SZA concert toronto 2023 Ticket Price

Get your tickets now for SZA’s Toronto concert in 2023 at a price you can afford!

Sec 319, Row 5CA $249.90 eaYes
Sec 319, Row 5CA $249.90 eaYes
Sec 319, Row 6CA $249.90 eaYes
Sec 323, Row 17CA $249.90 eaYes
Sec 319, Row 7CA $251.09 eaYes
Sec 319, Row 4CA $253.47 eaYes
Sec 319, Row 3CA $254.66 eaYes
Sec 319, Row 8CA $272.51 eaYes
Sec 308, Row 12CA $291.55 eaYes
Sec 311, Row 5CA $293.93 eaYes
Sec 322, Row 12CA $293.93 eaYes
Sec 322, Row 14CA $293.93 eaYes
Sec 319S, Row 19CA $297.50 eaYes
Sec 321, Row 4CA $297.50 eaYes
Sec 301, Row 2CA $308.21 eaYes
Sec 319, Row 16CA $310.59 eaYes
Sec 311, Row 15CA $314.16 eaYes
Sec 311, Row 12CA $315.35 eaYes
Sec 321, Row 9CA $318.92 eaYes
Sec 117, Row 28CA $321.30 eaYes
Sec 321, Row 17CA $321.30 eaYes
Sec 319, Row 12CA $324.87 eaYes
Sec 319, Row 14CA $324.87 eaYes
Sec 110, Row 21CA $327.25 eaYes
Sec 301, Row 3CA $327.25 eaYes
Sec 308, Row 9CA $327.25 eaYes
Sec 101, Row 30CA $333.20 eaYes
Sec 121, Row 3CA $333.20 eaYes
Sec 323, Row 13CA $342.72 eaYes
Sec 311, Row 9CA $345.10 eaYes
Sec 321, Row 17CA $347.48 eaYes
Sec 307, Row 4CA $351.05 eaYes
Sec 306, Row 2CA $351.05 eaYes
Sec 307, Row 2CA $355.81 eaYes
Sec 310, Row 5CA $355.81 eaYes
Sec 308, Row 1CA $357.00 eaYes
Sec 307, Row 2CA $357.00 eaYes
Sec 309, Row 14CA $357.00 eaYes
Sec 323, Row 11CA $357.00 eaYes
Sec 103, Row 20CA $357.00 eaYes
Sec 117, Row 21CA $367.71 eaYes
Note : This are the price for Single ticket purchase only. If you wants to buy more than 1 tickets then Price rate will be Different.

SZA concert toronto 2023 Seating Arrangement

Experience SZA’s electrifying performance in comfort with as mentioned/convenient seating arrangements at the Toronto concert in 2023.

How to Book SZA concert toronto Ticket?

Don’t miss out on SZA’s Toronto concert, book your tickets now through official booking partner website (

FAQ – People also Asked

Is there any additional order processing fee?

Yes, Make sure CA $7.00 will be added to each primary ticket order at checkout.

Are there any parking facilities at or near the concert venue?

Yes, Parking Facility for all types of Vehicle available at Venue location.

What is the Venue of SZA concert toronto?

SZA concert toronto Venue will be Scotiabank Arena-40 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 2X2, Canada – Check here

Is there SZA concert toronto presale code Available?

No! Currenrly no Presale code available.

Official Announcement by SZA on Instagram

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